Path Of The Heart's mission continues to be to feed hungry children in Peru. We've created and run a children's "restaurant" that provides a free hot meal to about 100 kids per day during the school day who would otherwise go hungry. We all know that it is difficult to study and learn on an empty stomach. Our project, therefore, directly helps children get a better education. This project is completely funded by individuals like you. A tax-deductible donation - no matter what the size - will help us keep the restaurant open.

We are running a special fundraising campaign on the website. Here is a short video and more information on this limited appeal. Visit the POTH page on for more information and to make a donation today.


Special Fundraising Campaign: Feed The Kids In Peru


A letter from Washi

Dearest friends,

This time of the year Path of the Heart provides blankets for the children and families in the Andes, especially the ones that are at risk in this extremely cold weather.

Many animals die and water is frozen as you can see in the photos I am sharing with you. In these communities, there are children and other people who cannot survive by themselves because they are blind or otherwise disabled and may be unable to communicate with any one.

The first community where we shared blankets is the community of Qelqanqa where we traveled with Tito Meza three hours by car. The children are happy here and shared with us native songs and send all of you their love.

The second community was Pitumarca Wacra Pukara, which is a four-hour drive from Cusco. This place has been forgotten by the government and welfare organizations. The children were cold and the blankets brought smiles to their faces.

The third community was Corao where Path of the Heart serves meals to 80 to 100 children every day for children who walk two, three or four hours to school. Grandmothers were cold, but now they know they can survive this very severe cold which is worse than in past years.

These Blankets were possible with the contribution of the members of Path of the Heart Its members are: Susan McDonald, Helene Laperrousaz, Suzanne Stroh, Pat Haim, Sarah Munro in the US and, in Peru, Alicia Kozuch, Pammela Suyo Vilcas, Tito Mesa Casa and my beautiful kids - Helene Rose and Victoria Alejandra.

Note: There is so much need and a simple service like this will contribute to a better world. Dear friends, please go to and donate to give more blankets and food to these needy families.

Lots of love, healing and energy from Peru, 



AuthorAlicia Kozuch