Letter from Washi on May 22, 2012 detailing the recent chicken project. See Chickens photo gallery for pictures of this project to provide chickens to area families. Good evening to everyone: Thanks for your time to read my request, the project of the chicken I think creates:

For the business prospective each woman or family sells some chickens to the market and know they are self sufficient with them, because they are grown at home and they have the food for the chickens, they can eat their eggs as well, Yesterday the family from a Pillco Bamba came to visit me and said that the chickens are grown and they are ready to be sold and the community is inviting me to see them, so tomorrow I am going to see them, the good things is that 99% of them live, which is good and I am really Happy for the results.

For the family is important, awakes the families that there are some opportunities with them and they are more interested on learning more about it, because make them happy and even the children are after them.

Please see the photos of the chickens that my wife, my daughter and me shared at the community of Pillco Bamba Last year, is very important the love that this activity created among of each of us, the money for this activity last year was pay by selling the Magic of Machu Picchu Book, sorry if I did not share with you earlier.

I will report about the chickens, Thanks and wish you have a great evening, Washi.

AuthorAlicia Kozuch