Another letter from Washi on the recent chicken project. All chickens are doing well, producing eggs and quite happy living at 4,000 meters above sea level. Good evening to all the Family of POTH, We are really Happy and sending energy from Ollantaytambo – Peru.

Yes, the chickens of Tastayoc and other communities are giving eggs and other important uses, like reproducing them for the future of their children and eating some of them when is important to them.

Please all what we do for the families are important and it is thrive, and that is the feeling and the good thing is that chickens will grow anywhere, high levels or in the valley and they can feed them with what they have at home for food.

Here are some photos of how the chickens are happy in the Highland at 4000 meters about sea level like in Tastayoc (see chickens gallery).

Love and Happiness and wish you all the best and Greetings to all, Washi.

AuthorAlicia Kozuch