Life the Sacred Valley can be challenging and support from you is important. In 2009, Path of the Heart raised over $1,000 to provide blankets to children and adults in the high Andes towns of Socma, Pachar and Qero Nation, where intense cold can cause villagers months of suffering and even death. In early January 2010, the Urubamba River overflowed its banks and flooded low-lying areas. It washed out the access to Machu Picchu and tourists were evacuated by helicopter. Access to this popular tourist site was closed for weeks. Homes of many local residents were destroyed. Washi's home, illustrated in these photos, was one of the homes lost in the flood. Funds from Path of the Heart helped provide food and disaster relief for victims. In addition to natural disaster relief, Path of the Heart provides children in mountain villages with gifts of school supplies that are otherwise scarce. Money provided by Path of the Heart is important in providing educational opportunities to these children. In his hometown of Ollantaytambo and with the help of children who painted the walls, Washi renovated a room and installed a television set so that the children could come on weekends and watch educational programs and inspirational movies.