Dear Friends,

Gratitude from my heart and from the children and families floods victims, to PATH OF THE HEART ( and ORCHIDS OF LIGHTS ( and to all of you for bringing happiness by sharing the Basic needs to the families who were affected by the flooding in OllantaytamboAndean native communities last month.

The children and families were waiting for us in their community tents; they didn’t have food left from our previous visit. Today we have brought School Supplies, Solar Lights, lots of good food and vegetables to over 60 children and families. Their faces show their gratitude and appreciation to you for your support. The children and families helped us all the time while we were there with them; organizing all the materials to be share. The mothers explain to the older couples in their native Language how to use the Solar Light, to see that was just incredible experience, because you could feel their love and their passion about this gifts that came from you.

Thanks for your positive contribution and for letting us serve this 2nd time the families in TancacPhyri and Ollantaytambo area. In our visit, we had a great team Elizabeth, Felipe, May Rut, Victoria Alejandra, Helene Rosa, Pammela and Celia. Please continue supporting us to bring more Solar Light and food to this part of Peru.

We hope you appreciate the photos of today service, best wishes to you and your love ones, Washi.


AuthorAlicia Kozuch