Good news! In November 2013, Path of the Heart received a grant from the Shapiro Foundation to install a solar panel for a school and community room in the remote Andean village of Pacramayu. The addition of electricity will not only impact villagers in Pacramayu, but also families in the nearby villages of Huarcayo, and Calcana who send their children to Pacramayu for school. 

The panel will include power strips to charge laptops, radios, television, cell phones, and lights in the school. In addition, the families in these three villages will be provided with personal portable solar lanterns and cellphone chargers and adapters.  With the personal lanterns, family duties can be carried out after dark and children can study. The cellphone chargers will enable families in these remote villages to maintain social and emergency contact outside of their village. Funding from the grant will provide light to the estimated 550 individuals living in these three villages.

AuthorAlicia Kozuch