The installation site was in the community of Tio Grande. This community, located above the town of Calca is remote and has no access to electricity. There are 65 children that attend the school. There are 3 teachers plus a director at the school. The school has 3 classrooms + a storage room, as well as 1 living space for the teacher. We completed the entire installation on October 30, 2014. In attendance were: Washi (representative from POTH), teacher coordinator (Maxel), BPP technician and his assistant (Hafid and Yutaka), BPP Education Coordinator (Patrick McDaniel) and BPP Technology Teacher (Tilda Yeow.) Also present at the school were many parents who came to see the installation, the children, teachers and school director. BPP’s technician conducted a tutorial for the teachers on how to use and maintain the solar panel system. There were no technical issues with the system, and everyone was grateful to have access to light, computers, and the ability to charge their radios and cellphones, etc.

BPP’s technology teacher worked with the teachers and children to learn how to use the laptops. They were thrilled with the technology, and soon the children were taking self-photos with the webcams. They learned how to access the educational programs, and it was difficult to get them to stop doing the multiplication games on the computers! This project will bring a great value to the community of Tio Grande, as the children will now have access to technology to enhance their learning. They will also be better prepared when they leave the community to attend a high school in the larger town of Calca.

Alicia Kozuch
President, Buen Power Peru

AuthorAlicia Kozuch